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DDB SOUTH AFRICA, Johannesburg / NIKON / 2011

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To demonstrate the exceptional zoom capability of the NIKON COOLPIX Range, five shots were taken with each camera at increasing focal lengths. Consumers could experience the zoom of each camera by simply unfolding the final posters.

These were placed at camera stores and photography expos where potential consumers are flooded with the usual one-dimensional brochures and posters. Our interactive posters were effective in that they were different, unexpected and engaging within this environment and used the poster medium in a uniquely different way.


Many consumers engaged with the posters and they became talking points in themselves.The communication was effective in demonstrating the zoom capability in an effective and fun way. This was a perfect fit for NIKON, which is a fun, yet highly functional brand.The camera outlets where the posters were placed, reported that the COOLPIX range was the most inquired about in its category with 4 out of 5 people looking for a compact camera asking to see the COOLPIX range.

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