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DRAFTFCB BRASIL , Sao Paulo / NIVEA / 2014


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In Brazil, non-traditional advertising is increasingly growing every year. But traditional media such as TV and magazines still have the highest budget. Would it be possible to generate content for a brand with a magazine ad? Yes.


NIVEA SUN KIDS did much more than an ad. It created an useful, comfortable reusable accessory to protect children from the risk of getting lost from their parents. Reinforcing the product’s main attribute: protection, in one of the places in which it’s used the most: the beach. The action is also completely aligned with NIVEA brand’s local and global positioning, continuing the series of useful ads that started with the SolarAd Charger. The ad’s edition is over, but it remains in the children’s arms and on their parents’ cell phones.


-The action became a successful video case, with repercussion in 10 press articles and 40 digital ones.

-Even with the closed magazine, the ad remained on parents’ cell phones and children’s arms for a long time.

-For the first time, NIVEA SUN KIDS was the segment’s sales leader, with a 62% increase in Rio de Janeiro

-We were present as an innovative brand in places where its consumers are: the beach, parks and clubs.

-8 in every 10 people impacted by the ad downloaded the app.

-The bracelet became object of desire, NIVEA receives several requests for it every day.

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