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In the winter of 2013, Koreans were expecting an upcoming winter Olympics. As the official mobile partner of Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games, it was a great opportunity to Samsung Galaxy Note3 to increase its awareness.

Samsung needed a PR idea that would let Koreans learn that cheering would be more enjoyable with Note3, and to make people feel more intimate with features of Note3 such as noting and sharing.

In past few years, people tend to ‘note’ cheering messages online during the Olympics. Our idea started from here. What if we release these messages offline, beyond online? We came up with a commercials made by everyone.

We created scenes of spectators cheering with the empty boards and, after the boards were filled with cheering messages that people noted on the “Note Now” website in real time, the commercials were aired.

As a result, 280,891 people left cheering messages on the “Note Now” website to take part in the campaign. The campaign also met the goal of PR.

78% of Koreans were aware of the campaign and it was the highest among other campaigns during the Olympics. The gap between the second placed brand and Note3 was over 60%.

In addition, 92% of Koreans became aware that Galaxy Note3 is the official partner of Sochi Olympics. It was one of the most successful promotions among Olympic promotions of all time in Korea.


37 days before the Olympics began, we created scenes as if previous Olympic medalists and spectators were cheering with the empty boards in a Sochi stadium.

After the Olympic Games began on February 8th, people started to note cheering messages in real time. On the NOTE NOW website, the messages piled up. With handwriting, computer graphic work and editing, the empty boards were filled with these messages.

After the ads were completed with these messages, the tapes were delivered to the broadcasting station as quickly as possible. Within 3 hours, the ad made by the whole nation finally was aired.

During the Olympics, 15 commercials ran on TV, 49 prints were published. Besides ads, Korean Olympic athletes also shared these messages, cheering each other on.


The campaign recorded 494,137 website views and 280,891 participants. 78% of Koreans were aware of the campaign and this was the highest among the other Olympic-related campaigns. 92% of Koreans were aware that Samsung was the official partner of Olympics.

Additionally, we also broke the record of time. In Korea, every TV commercials should go through deliberation processes. Usually it takes several days, but we cooperated with deliberation boards and completed the processes within 3 hours. As a result, we could spread real time cheer of people vividly.

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