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NowThis x Samsung Unframed

R/GA NEW YORK, New York / SAMSUNG / 2018


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We needed to show people that everything they loved to watch, can be better when there’s more than one angle to see... and, give them a way to think about content beyond the traditional frame. Essentially, we needed to show them how much better a 360º video can be when it’s created properly.

Our idea was to partner with one of the world’s biggest traditional social content creators to “Unframe” their offerings by creating content that was designed specifically to be better in 360º. “Unframed” wasn’t just a campaign line, it was a philosophy, that gave traditional content creators, and viewers, a whole new way to think about how they watch and create content.


We partnered with NowThis, a well known content creator on Facebook, to produce 23 360º films that demonstrated the strengths of 360. Like showing how much more fun it was to put the camera in the middle of the action, instead of just facing it. Or how, mounting it on a moving object, can make you feel like you’re moving through a scene, instead of just watching.

While viewers thought they were just watching content about their favorite things, they were actually learning about the benefits of UNFRAMING content and how to create it with their own 360º cameras.

Our campaign gave people engaging content that encouraged them to look around, as it transported audiences to 5 continents and over 20 countries. We immersed viewers in distant places and unique experiences like gondola riding in Italy; sleighing through Santa's Village in Finland; and exploring a baby elephant orphanage in Kenya.


NowThis x Samsung

#1 Most Viewed Branded Campaign on Facebook in 2017

NowThis became the number one 360º video publisher on Facebook in 2017 with our Samsung Gear 360 series, (Source: Tubular)

As Facebook brought 360º to the masses, we made sure those masses were seeing the best examples of it. (with ‘Unframed’ getting more views than any 2d campaign in 2017 on Facebook) (Source: BrandTale).

+239 million combined video views

23 of our videos were selected by YouTube for their Best of VR Portal - a showcase of the best 360º/VR content the internet has to offer

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