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JWT INDIA, Mumbai / PEPSICO / 2009

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Pepsi as a brand stands for the youth. With the young generation more cued on issues concerning environment conservation than ever before, it was only apt that Pepsi decided to speak their mind. By urging people to Recycle For A Beautiful World. A heavy message, executed in a highly creative and engaging way. A manner in which the youth would want to, and could be, a part of it. A campaign that spoke their language and made them feel a part of a cause For A Beautiful World.


Pepsi placed trash bins with a basketball hoop mounted upon them, and asked people to throw their trashed Pepsi cans and bottles in them. Over 6500 people contributed cans and bottles over the next few days. A few young artists spent 7 hours putting them together into an intriguing pile of trash. When the light was thrown on it, the curious crowd of 15,000 saw in the shadow cast on the screen, what recycling can lead to: a beautiful world.


More than 15,000 visitors watched it live. 11,345 people vowed to make recycling a way of life by signing on the wall and 7,331 of them registered on the website on the spot. The viral of the event spread to unthinkable corners of the world. The YouTube video has been forwarded and linked by fans across the world to Facebook profiles, creative forums, other video sharing websites, even numerous Spanish, Chinese and Russian creative blogs. After a month of the first activity, the British Council in partnership with National Geographic invited Pepsi to do an event at the 'Eco Week' in their headquarters in New Delhi.

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