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In Argentina, 6 out of 10 kids have been cyberbullied. Unlike traditional bullying, cyberbullying can follow its victims everywhere, because it is online. However, 75% of children who suffer from cyberbullying never talk about it, thus limiting adults and peers to detect the signs.

Movistar, one of the largest mobile phone company in Latin America recognized the natural relationship that telephone brands have with the problem as cell phones are the most used media for this type of harassment. Their objective was to create a campaign that would raise awareness of this issue by aligning it with their brand


The campaign was launched the week prior to the International Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. Its centerpiece was an interactive double sided film exclusively developed for mobile with two parallel and interconnected stories. Users could change the perspective by turning their cell phone by 180°, at any moment. On one side we see the signs that the parents are not seeing, on the other a victim suffering cyberbullying. The key is that if we only stay one side we will never see the whole picture.

We also included an extended version to be played on desktops and in the main local cinema theaters, synchronizing the both sides to generate the duel experience.


The campaign was launched through specialized influencers, audiovisual media, newspapers and other specific channels addressing the adult segment. The strategy was not only developed to create awareness but also to continue building momentum on the issue making perspective a broad experience that transcended the media.


We made an interactive fully synchronized double-sided film, developed specially for mobiles, that place users in the shoes of a victim of cyberbullying with just turning the screen 180º, helping them to uncover the actual reasons behind that suffering.


Several schools of Argentina are using Perspectives to fight against cyberbullying, including the campaign in their curriculum.

Perspectives is now being launched in many countries of LATAM.

Over 400 cyberbullying reports, which will be readdressed through training.

Thousands of comments thanking us for the initiative and congratulating the brand for providing relevant content.

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Time to get in touch, for real.

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