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Playing with Fire

R/GA SYDNEY, Sydney / GOOGLE / 2016


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Music streaming is a heavily saturated market, with most services offering the same bank of songs. Even having the biggest music stars in the world is no guarantee of success. It’s not enough to just advertise a music service based on price and catalogue. It had to be about more than just the music.

For Google Play, our task was to create content people could love: rich, interactive mobile experiences that added value for users and artists in a way that only Google can.


o Position Google Play as an innovative music platform

o Strengthen relationships with artists and music labels


Playing With Fire is a track from Elizabeth Rose’s debut album, INTRA. It’s about giving a dysfunctional lover one last chance. So the idea was an interactive music video for mobile, which literally allowed the user to play with her emotions. The experience is unique in that we effectively created multiple video layers to enable interaction, from foreground elements, to her performance layer, to the background animations. It combines game mechanics with a range of technologies, including HTML5 canvas, Web Audio API, physics libraries, real-time video sampling and playback, and a custom algorithm to animate PNG images to achieve video quality playback, creating an experience that works across Android, iOS and desktop. It was supported by a behind-the-scenes video, YouTube TrueView and social posts shared by Elizabeth through her social channels, teasing users to try playing with her emotions.

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