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The Challenge: On a relatively small budget, client briefed us to launch the new Volkswagen Polo GTI, targeting 25-35 year old males.

The Objectives: The campaign's primary objective was to sell as many cars as possible. To help reach this objective on a small budget, we needed to generate widespread PR and social media buzz, ensuring the campaign message was spread across the country without having to rely on large-scale ATL placements.

The Strategy: The Polo GTI targets males between the ages of 25 and 35. Our strategy was to tap into something that appeals to all of these men: looking good and sex.

The Execution: Can a hot car really make you sexier? People have often said so, but no-one's ever proven it. So when Volkswagen asked us to launch the hot new Polo GTI we thought, it's time to try. Polo GTI Date Drive: a live experiment to calculate exactly how much sexier a Polo GTI can make you.

The Outcome: Hundreds drove the new Polo GTI and improved their love lives.Tens of thousands followed the dates live, online. Millions more heard or read about the campaign in magazines, newspapers on the radio, in blogs and on a variety of social media channels. The campaign generated an 18:1 return on PR investment, all of this helped the Polo GTI sell out a few weeks after its launch.


Phase 1: To publicise the campaign, we targeted influential members on the media (online included), giving them Date Drives during the week leading up to the public launch. We then leveraged each of these people's online discussion around their Date Drives to ensure that the campaign gained traction. By managing and replying to these people's online, on air and in print talk, we built momentum right up until the day of the 1st public Date Drives.

Phase 2: The role of PR during the Public Date Drives was to manage and leverage any coverage in traditional and social media. In addition to this, PR maintained Date Drive's social media reputation, replying to issues that arose and generally maintaining excitement.Phase 3: At the end of the campaign, PR was tasked with publicising the results and communicating the fact that driving the Polo GTI really does make you sexier. 27.8% sexier.


With a PR budget of R125,812, a total of R2 220 203 of coverage was generated.

This represented an 18:1 return on PR investment.The Polo GTI outsold all of its competitors and exceeded client's best-case sales figure forecasts by 15%.

Hundreds drove the car and improved their love lives during in the process. In 4 weeks, the campaign microsite received 112,402 visits, which is very high in S.Africa where internet penetration is just 10%.

Interestingly, 93.98% of web visitors returned more than once and 17.27% returned more than 26 times.

The Volkswagen Twitter Feed grew by 600% during the campaign period. And we proved that driving the Polo GTI really can make you sexier. A total of 27.8% sexier.

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