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OGILVY, Paris / FORD / 2018

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To show our advance in Predictive Technologies, we have predicted everything that happened during the 24 hours of Le Mans. How? 7 days before the race, we tweeted on a private account 10 000 predictive tweets describing the coming race. During the actual race, we have deleted every tweets that never came to pass and kept what really happened. Then, we turned the account public and retweeted with Ford France these tweets dated from one week ago.


With only 4 000 euros budget we had to think smart: one week before the race, we tweeted all the possible scenarios – over 10,000 tweets in total – from a private account. We covered absolutely everything that could happen during the race, no matter how unlikely. As the race progressed, we deleted all the things that never came to pass, one after another… Only the real events remained… Leaving us with the entire race, exactly as it happened, told in tweets dated a week before the event.

After that, it was just a question of making the Twitter account public, then retweeting as Ford France about our amazing predictive skills.


The idea became a topic of discussion almost as important as the race itself. Thanks to the use of social media, we were able to reach car racing enthusiasts but also the mainstream public, with more than 40 million impressions and thousands of interactions. In only 48 hours, Predictive Tweets became viral and was supported by articles from all over the world, in specialized but also in general media such as Sport Auto, Auto Buzz or La Reclame and Ads of the World.

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