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AMBEV, Sao Paulo / AMBEV / 2019

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With the arrival of premium and craft beers, the Brazilian beer market has changed. Consumers become more interested in aspects such as the ingredients and the taste of the liquid. Skol, which has always been a brand that led the innovations in the category, this time around would be one of the last ones to get into the segment. In researches, we saw that people did not believe that Skol would launch a version of this type. But, after five years developing it, the time had come to launch Skol Pure Malt. For this, the communication needed to find an original way to launch the product in a segment already so competitive. The solution? Use the disbelief the people had about this movement of Skol to start the conversation in a unique way.


People always doubted Skol would launch its Pure Malt version. To do this launching, all we needed was to feed this disbelief. Therefore, we created the first "non-launching" in history. A conversation based on supposed Fake News and information leakage that would burn up the conversations on the social networks arouse the curiosity and the desire of the people to taste the new product.


The Skol public (aged 18/24, ABC social classes) has always been very close and aware of everything that appears about the brand on social media. Therefore, to encourage the doubt, the strategy was to create a series of unconfirmed leaks, both of the product and of communication pieces, which would arouse the curiosity of the people on the social networks. With this strategy, besides communicating about the new product, the conversations between the people about the veracity or not of this launching would become a topic for the press to talk about Skol, generating even more buzz.


To start this story, first, we began with a leaking of thousands of prototypes of the new cans in packs of Skol Pilsen. The cans aroused the curiosity and Skol Pure Malt became a trending topic even before it existed. Next, we positioned ourselves with an official announcement, clarifying the topic and denying its existence. With the discussion planted, several media vehicles helped give voice to the campaign, communicating not only the launching, but also the doubt that was taking over people's minds. The whole idea based on the power of PR aroused the curiosity and the desire of the people to taste the new product.


. Sales results 8% above the predicted target in less than three months of launching - a record growth for the Skol brand, since 2015

. The leaked prototypes became collector's items

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