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We set out to change how people prepare for retirement. We partnered with professors from leading universities to create The Challenge Lab, a destination where people can understand their behavioral challenges and learn how to overcome them. Through videos, experiments, expert articles and over 60 interactive pieces, the site breaks down five key challenges. It explains the science behind why we crave instant gratification. Why we put things off. Why we follow the herd. Why we misjudge risk. And what it means that we’re living longer.

The Challenge Lab is a place where people who may not know anything about finance can understand something even more important: themselves.


People are inundated with information all day, every day. So we realized that if people were going to be compelled to take notice of our story, we had to make the design stand out. We enlisted the help of the top artists, illustrators and type designers – both internally and externally – to turn the most surprising facts about retirement planning into beautiful, shareable works of art. Then we designed a website to break down the complicated topics into easy-to-consume bits and pieces, so people can make their way through the information without feeling overwhelmed by it.


In the month since launch, there has been a 141% increase in social mentions about Prudential and The Challenge Lab campaign, resulting in 2.4 million earned impressions on Twitter alone – a 1000% increase from the month before launch. In a recent article, Andrew Aziz, Director of Financial Engineering & Research at IBM Risk Analytics had this to say about the campaign, "Prudential has demonstrated an effective ability to articulate a complex concept and make it understandable so that the average investor gains insight."

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