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In investing just like in life, you’re always striving to Reach For Better.

For Franklin Templeton Investments Reach For Better is more than a philosophy, it’s the organization’s way of life.

So how do you expand the horizon of the ‘Reach For Better’ philosophy to help investors master the art of investing?


Franklin Templeton Investments partnered with The Better India, India’s only platform that showcases positive news and inspiring stories, to humanize investor education, empower the audience and build trust.

We conceptualized a six-part video series titled “Reach for Better” that showcased stories about 6 inspiring individuals, woven around important life lessons which can also be adopted when it comes to one’s investments - Stay resilient, Start early, Have a goal, Never too late to begin, Step up consistently & Seek guidance.

A unique approach that would not only highlight the brand’s larger philosophy but also educate its investors.


The brand's TG consists of working class male/female, aged 22 - 35 yrs, majorly from Metro and Tier 1 & 2 cities of India, this is the exact audience demographics that matched The Better India's core audience set.

Additional promotional targeting included creating audience sets based on job titles, mobile devices they use, spending pattern and other interests depicting their lifestyle choices and interest in investments.

6 anchor videos (3-5 minutes), 6 articles, 6 newsletters & over 50+ social ancillary content pieces were created for the campaign.

60% of the budget was parked towards creating high-quality storytelling. Since a media platform (The Better India) with a highly engaged audience was pivoting the content launch, organic distribution & reach across platforms was estimated to be high. Allowing for the promotional funds allocation towards driving engagement across all social platforms.


The campaign was launched with the first-look teaser, unveiling of the microsite & social media build up using posts to generate curiosity. The teaser video was natively promoted across all platforms - Website, Microsite, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter & Instagram.

For each story, we created the first-look poster to build a dedicated set of followers towards the series. This was followed by the launch of the main video on Facebook & Youtube, with build up posters going out on Twitter & Instagram. The campaign summation happened with the launch of an engagement activity, where we utilized latest social feature like stories, IGTV, polls and 'Ask question' to natively engage with users emphasizing on the 6 values highlighted in the video series.


The campaign generated 27+ Million video views, achieved over 124 mn impressions and engaged with half a million people. The campaign helped the brand achieve 5x more engagement, 2x more videos views with a 40% reduction in cost per view as compared to any previous campaign. It became the most successful campaign for the brand in its history.

Over 400 people shared their own powerful, extraordinary stories of empowerment on the Reach For Better microsite.

The Reach for Better campaign was extended to various offline platforms through magazine distributed booklets, standees, etc.The campaign was appreciated by all major advertising & media platforms like Brand Equity, Outlook Money, India Today, Open magazine, etc. Thus the Reach For Better campaign became more than six inspirational stories. It became a platform to engage, on conversations about life and investments.

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