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Reactive Poster

AMPFY, Sao Paulo / NIKE / 2018






We created the Reactive Poster: a way to try out and experience the Nike React wherever you are.

Consumers of who placed an order one week prior to the React launch also received a poster with instructions to be followed.

With the poster on the floor, a smartphone in your hand and magically (by using Augmented Reality technology) a Nike React appears on your feet.

Consumers could see the React on their feet, choose the color of the shoes they were trying on and add stickers with illustrations that showed the feeling of using a React. After the trial they could share their experience with friends or shop online for a real life Nike React.


One week prior to the launch of Nike React in Brazil, over five thousand customers received their orders in a special pouch with a poster inside.

The poster was an invitation to experience the Nike React immediately with absolutely no friction. Not even an app download was needed. Consumers just had to access Reactive Poster's site from their mobile browser to begin the full AR experience and virtually try the Nike React.

The webapp was kept online, so Nike could create new posters, update with React's new colors as soon as they launch or even make the experience available for all of its sneakers and running shoes sold online.


5,000 poster sent

2,581 virtual trials

4,000 pairs of Nike React sold online during the pre-order (our entire stock).

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