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Reindeer Games

HUNGRY MAN, Los Angeles / MICROSOFT / 2019

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People with disabilities are used to having to find ways to adapt to the world, especially when it comes to video games. As the brand with a mission to empower everyone on the planet to achieve more, Microsoft has had a long-standing commitment to create accessible technology the levels the playing field. Now, instead of gamers with limited mobility having to adapt to the controller, the Xbox Adaptive Controller is the first video game controller that adapts to how they play.


“Reindeer Games” captures the emotion and drama of that special time in childhood when achieving greatness in a video game made you the neighborhood hero. We reimagined this classic gaming moment by shining a spotlight on an inspiring young gamer living with a disability who rises to the top of the game with the help of the Xbox Adaptive Controller. The story illustrates Microsoft’s mission to build accessible technology that levels the playing field and empowers everyone to achieve more.


Shine a light on the challenges that people living with a disability face and illustrate the power of accessible technology to help people achieve more. “Reindeer Games” was designed to bring attention to the device as well as raise awareness of the need for accessible design in gaming, and the world. The target audience included everyone, not just the 33 million people living with disabilities, because when everybody plays, we all win.


“Reindeer Games” launched in social media and on TV beginning 11/27/18 and ending 12/25/18. Video content is live online on Microsoft’s Empowering Us All site and on YouTube, and may continue throughout the year.


The spot has over 1M views, and has received extensive positive press coverage from AdWeek, AdAge, Little Black Book, Unstereotype Alliance, GeekWire, and more. Online comments and engagement overwhelmingly showcase the emotional impact of this spot and receives consistent high praise.

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