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Relax: Tractor

APPLE, San Jose / APPLE / 2024


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"Relax, it's iPhone" is a campaign thought that we've continued to explore in many different ways this year. Each ad stays true to a simple recipe: one hero character, using their iPhone to demonstrate one product feature, paired with great music that elevates the idea to a more surprising place.

With Battery For Miles, the brief was to use the core ingredients of our Relax campaign; to communicate the new improved batter life of iPhone 14 Plus.


Since the inception of the Relax campaign, music has portrayed the inner monologue of our protagonists, both driving the story and delivering the product message. For this story we wanted the music to amplify the quiet pride of our prize winning pumpkin farmer, while helping the viewer understand how long he’s going to be on the road for and the inferred benefit of longer battery life to handle that. A deep cut from Ludacris’ back catalogue, “Two Miles An Hour” samples the opening organs of Curtis Mayfield’s “Little Child Runnin Wild” and slows them down to two miles an hour so you can luxuriate in them as the world watches you go by. The chorus confirms that you have all the time in the world, “two miles an hour so everybody sees you”. The result is a simple, joyful and unexpected combination of character, product and song.


Highlighting the long-lasting battery life of iPhone 14 Plus as a reliable support for the farmer's lengthy journey to the state fair showcases the company's commitment to producing products that genuinely meet the needs of its users. It positions the company as a dependable partner in the customers’ daily lives, enhancing trust and loyalty.

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