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Release The Pressure

MINDSHARE, Gurgaon / PEPSICO / 2017

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Teenagers in India since generations have faced a slew of parental pressures. Strongly rooted in tradition such pressures have taken the form of rigid expectations whether it be choosing a life partner or pursuing a career path often leaving teens helpless. Sadly, even though teen ambitions had evolved in India, parental expectations remain stuck in the past.

The consequences have been fatal often leaving teenagers on the brink of desperation. WHO in a study ranked India among top 3 globally on teen suicide. The real issue being Teenagers finding it increasingly difficult to approach and have a conversation with their parents.

Considering Mirinda as a brand stood for making stressful situations lighter through play and mischief it had a strong opportunity to start a new conversation. Couldn’t it now use this light hearted touch to break ice between teens and parents on issue of excessive parental pressure?


We launched the digital film with a YouTube masthead followed by TV for 3 days on news channels to increase reach. A missed-call number was used across channels for users to record their pledge. Facebook and YouTube were used extensively to create awareness.

India’s leading radio station - Red FM was dominated for 2 weeks across 10 metro cities. RJ’s talked about the campaign and urged parents to take the pledge.

We retargeted users who interacted with the video via Xaxis programmatic

Campaign was also amplified via

1. Teen celebs, were chosen to write open letters

2. Other celebs/ parents from Sports and Bollywood like Malaika, Sehwag & Rana

3. mycity4kids was used to activate Mom bloggers community

4. Native articles were used extensively to create awareness

On the day of the exams top newspapers carried tear away stickers with motivational messages which parents stuck on their kids exam boards.

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