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CARAT, Detroit / GENERAL MOTORS / 2017

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Opel’s core car buying audience in Denmark is M25-50. The campaign is built around Astra Sport Tourer. This car is successfully launched and is the brand shaper for this year. This male target audience is a techy social climbing young dad with a middle to high income (CCS 2015), who dreams of a high end car, while he feels forced to choose a practical car due to his lifestyle, which underlines his less exciting lifestyle. These Danish Dads’ sense of manliness is in jeopardy, which makes an undesirable choice for him to make masculine decisions such as buying a station car.

Meanwhile, the Danish man’s ‘man business’ is not in good shape. Seemingly the testosterone level of the average Danish man is low, which does not help a man’s sense of manliness (KILDE?).

We need to ignite some excitement into the practical, comfortable attributes associated with both Opel and “Techy Social Climbing Dad’s” dusty profiles as well as boosting the male confidence.


The star of the campaign was of course the underwear. The main element of the campaign is then to showcase the underwear best possible and explain the tie to Opel – which was why a hero video is produced. It was important to make the campaign more branding and less commercial, which was why there was no shot of the car in the main video – however, it was mentioned in the VO, However, the Opel logo is shown at the end.

In lieu of wanting to make it less commercial, the media strategy was highly based on seeding the content through both PR and influencers in order to stir up some natural excitement and curiosity around the video see video here:


Application period (12/09/2016 – 16/10/2016)

Application page:

• 30,822 visitors on the signup page Ride

• 6,000 underwear sign-ups and sign-up conversion rate of 38.8%.

• There were only 4000 underwear produced and these were ‘sold out’ within the first 3 days.

• Average time spent on sign-up page: 0.28 min.

• 3,500 new permissions to the Opel Denmark newsletter

• 2,954 social shares

• PR OTS 558,000,000

• 87 PR stories (Including with a social reach of 10,100,000, and an estimated value of 464,846 EUR, which results in a ROI of 675%

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