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Although the project originated as a story about HP's supply chain, we wanted to tell a story of Haitian perseverance. Our idea went beyond covering the mechanics of the program. We choose to focus on the human side of the story.

For truly unique visuals, we explored some of the most remote and difficult to access parts of the island, even filming in areas that foreigners rarely see thanks to our local connections.

In addition to our rogue visual approach, our music and sound design dove deep. Produced by our in-house, Emmy-winning composer, the inspiration came from asking what it would feel like to lose a sense of culture, home, family, and country. The music builds from Haitian drum instrumentation that begins out of focus with an off-centered melody. Strings arrive in tandem to the rebuilding of a country. Finally, native Haitian singers resound with hymns of a culture regained.


This initiative has helped enhance HP's brand as an environmental and social impact leader. The team worked with marketing and communications to publicize the program extensively by launching the news at HP Power of Print event; gaining media coverage in publications such as The Huffington Post, Sustainable Brands, and Information Age; and broadcasting it to employees.

HP social media channels extensively publicized the news, while HP partners, customers, and external organizations, including Thread, Hyundai UK, and Global Citizen, have amplified the news. This project and Rosette's Story have received retweets from Chelsea Clinton, The Clinton Foundation, and Sean Penn's foundation among other important influencers-with millions of followers-highlighting how HP is making a difference in the lives of Haitians.


Within hours of its release, social media lit up with overwhelmingly positive chatter about the project. Celebrities took to Twitter to congratulate HP on their efforts and to share the video. Sean Penn tweeted on behalf of his organization J/P Haitian Relief Organization. Chelsea Clinton via The Clinton Foundation also shared the video on Twitter, giving a call-out to our client's incredible work.

Most notably however, was the live-stream from the President of the United Nations, who opened his keynote speech in New York with our Haiti video to a full hall of world leaders, global executives and politically active celebrities.

February 21, 2018 - April 2, 2018 - US and APJ Impressions: 10.5 Million

Plastic purchased by HP: 380,000 Pounds

Bottles used: 8,360,000

Income opportunities: 422

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