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Samsung Me-WOW

BBH SINGAPORE, Singapore / SAMSUNG / 2023

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Demo Film
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To mark the launch of Samsung’s best TV yet, the 2023 Neo QLED 8K, our strategy was to move away from feature-led communications typical of the product category, and claim emotional superiority with an entertaining and memorable story everyone can relate to. Will the world’s best TV Wow the biggest critic of all — the world’s grouchiest feline? Putting an adorable grumpy cat at the centre of our epic tale, that’s our way of making our TV catnip for the internet.


Casting the right grumpy cat was a big task. We eventually shortlisted 30 cats of various breeds. Many were cute and cuddly, but few had the resting grumpy face we sought. And then, we found Bebo, an exotic shorthair who looked adorably unimpressed, that seemed like it had impeccable standards, and was also calm and well-trained.

For our principal human talent, we were searching for someone with natural style, a global look, nothing too edgy, a likeable man. In the story, he would be doing everything to wow his pet, and for most of the spot, fail miserably. This should make him very endearing. We role-played the script during casting call-backs to find the right fun-loving, doe-eyed, good-looking goofball, who can perfectly counterpoint our cat’s grumpier demeanour.


At the time of submitting this entry (March 2023), our film has only just launched and is rolling out globally. So we are in the early days of measuring effectiveness.

While Samsung was pleased with the positive link test results (their highest scored in three years), for us, the real achievement is the fact that we convinced a client whose only foray into storytelling had been with an ostrich and a spider to move away from feature-led product films and to launch their flagship TV in a way only a grumpy cat can do.

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