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Lidl was already well known in its key markets. Brand awareness was above 90% and it typically enjoyed strong sales peaks at this key period of the year. Our task was to ensure that Lidl was top of mind and generated strong Christmas sales by making its brand more visible and part of the conversation around Christmas.

We wanted to create an emotional connection to the brand through a platform that is more than just another Christmas viral. We didn’t want to just reach our customers with an emotional story, but make them take part in a modern, unseen Christmas movement. Yes, we may live in 2016 and the gender topic is up all agendas. But thinking of Christmas we seem to live somewhere in the early 1950ies. Christmas is done completely by women. Alone. And who gets all

the fame? Santa Claus.


On November 23rd, the video was posted on Lidl’s local Facebook and YouTube channels.

The video distribution specialists Unruly and Teads spread the video on relevant websites to reach the target audience.

To ensure best user experience and boost sharing, native players were used, allowing features like share buttons directly linking to Facebook, Twitter and other relevant platforms.

Four days later, all other media was rolled out to establish high awareness and engagement. Facebook and YouTube primarily delivered against reach and engagement objectives via views and shares, while Teads and Unruly were briefed to deliver against qualitative KPIs, such as the view through rate.

Bloggers and influencers included the video in their communication, helping to broaden reach. Finally, traditional media used combinations of image and product visuals to support the video and help drive store traffic and sales.

The campaign ran until December 24th to cover the entire holiday season.

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