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India houses an estimated 15 Million blind population, making it the largest blind community in the world.

This often ignored community, are not addressed by any mass media.

Inspite of being literate - they are still not addressed - as their literacy is different from masses. And hence not counted. The pain of this snub makes them feel excluded.

In its commitment towards an equitable and inclusive society - Savlon introduced a first of its kind packs with braille language - to enable easy access to the visually impaired.

Our objective two pronged:

1. Make the visually challenged more inclusive through mass media.

2. And to influence the people at large who were turning a blind eye to them.

We decided to make people notice we zeroed in on World Sight Day – a day that brings global attention to blindness and vision impairment.


India Is a tolerant nation, it houses many cultures and caste and it truly celebrates a sense of togetherness. However, this sense of togetherness did not encompass the visually challenged. And they continued to be ignored.

This behavior has compounded to make them feel “separate” and marginalized.

The pain of not even being considered is the worst form of neglect – and this had become their way of life.

Our idea was to create an intervention on this neglect – by making the ‘normals’ experience in real time the pain of being snubbed. And address the visually challenged on Mass media.


We could not restrict media choice to something that only visually impaired consumed, but those consumed by people with normal vision and out of reach to the visually impaired.

The manifestation of this campaign pivoted On the point of literacy difference.

So we decided to bring this point of difference onto mass media.

Beyond reach, we chose our media touch-points carefully. We chose mediums where there is an active sense of reading.

Newspaper became an important pivot in our media choice. Newspaper were chosen because because of their ability for touch-and-feel of the Braille script. For the first time, a visually challenged person woke up in the morning and read a full newspaper - in Braille


We partnered with 2 leading newspapers for this campaign. Both the publications reworked all their logistical timelines for this campaign.

Braille printing requires special printing capabilities. This meant printing at such a large scale had to be outsourced.

The edit closed their timeline at 2pm instead of 8pm to accommodate translation.

We needed braille translator to translate at that scale and proficiency. We reached out to blind schools, for their teachers during school hours for translation.

The publishing houses went beyond the normal distribution network and distributed the newspapers to blind schools across multiple cities

Braille printing in Punjab is available only one printing press, run by Government. The day before World Sight Day was a public holiday, we convinced official bodies to open the press, to ensure Braille newspaper was printed on World Sight Day.

Both publication houses worked with us PROBONO – because they believed in the cause

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