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JCPR, Oslo / VOLVO / 2017

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We let the intelligence of the V90 speak for itself – by creating V: the artificially intelligent car guide.

V was a mobile app with a real personality and a slightly seductive female voice. She existed for two purposes: To talk with you about the innovations of the new car, and to find someone to win the V90.

The more you spoke with V and watched her content the better your relationship status became, and if by the end of the campaign you had the best «relationship status», you won the V90.

With V we literally put Volvo’s intelligent thinking in the palm of the audience’s hand, turning their own mobile into a piece of innovation from Volvo.


V was designed to be fun, playful and a little cheeky. Her questions were about the user’s likes, dislikes and life, but she always found a way to draw it back to a feature of the car, asking you if you would like to see a short film. This enabled us to make each feature personally relevant to the user. It was key for us not to create another text based system, but something with human personality traits. This was achieved with playful conversation and a real voice was paramount.

V was incredibly intuitive with three sections: Points, conversation and content. The user needed to talk with V to unlock content, and the more you spoke and shared content, the more your relationship status improved.

We developed a simulated version of AI. Nuance, a voice recognition software company, provided the backend. We created 100’s of conversation scenarios, mapping out questions


Objective 1: Engagement i campaign:

- The campaign ran for four weeks and the app quickly became No. 1 in the App Store. Based on comparable campaigns in the industry in Norway and Volvo's media budget, we set a target of 25,000 downloads. V exceeded the goal by 68%, counting 42,000 downloads in total.

- The average time spent with V reached a record high of 30 minutes, and the audience shared different content 430,000 times in social media.

Objective 2: Leads and test drives

- Most importantly there were as many as 9000 users who registered four pieces of information about themselves. These leads have resulted in 900 test drive bookings of the V90 and the S90, four times as many as Volvo get digitally during an average year.

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