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TBWA\PARIS, Boulogne-Billancourt / AIDES / 2018

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The viral campaign #sharethelove is a misleading content that create engagement: The more people share the campaign, the more the revelation gets powerful.

Celebrities posted pictures of a couple having sex with a hashtag #sharethelove. Those celebrities are not ones that use to post this kind of content, like a former health minister.

But when people retweeted the picture, the picture started to evolve and got bigger.

A man called “Henry Ian Vernon ” posted other extracts of the picture with new sex scenes. In fact, Henry Ian Vernon is a bot. It is programmed to scan the hashtag #share thelove and retweet an ever larger image for each retweet.

The day after, AIDES revealed the ID of Henry Ian Vernon and sent a virus tweet to all the people whom interacted with the picture:

“Virus Alert ! I’m HIV. You have shared the love. You are now contaminated.


The campaign #ShareTheLove was launched on twitter on the 17th of April

We’ve selected French celebrities and influencers that are not the one that you expect to post this kind of content:

Roselyne Bachelot, Former Health Minister

Cristina Cordula, Fashion TV speaker

Sebastien Folin, Weatherman

Brigitte, music band

Océane Rosemarie, filmmaker

Yassine Belattar, radio journalist

Etc ….

This selection allowed us to create a shift between the sexy and funny content, and the profiles of celebrities. Followers got engaged and retweeted the post. Others thought accounts had been hacked. All those conditions kickstarted a viral trend on the platform.

By the end of the day, AIDES revealed the identity of Henry Ian Vernon and the message of the operation. Celebrities and followers retweeted the message and shared their surprise.

On the 18th we launch a massive PR communication to reach all the people that didn’t got exposed to the operation.


• By the end of the activation, the campaign earned 15M impressions on Twitter with 0€ media investment.

• Celebrities accounts have never been this active. Retweets increased by an average of 4000% compared to usual content.

• The campaign reached more than 4500 tweets on #ShareTheLove and hacked more than 4500 twitter’s accounts.

• After the reveal, people spent an average time of 5 Minutes on the website.

The Viral campaign helped people to get into the right open-mindedness to hear and understand the message. With 0€ media investment, AIDES reached and impact a massive part of the exposed population. It delivered an impactful message about Aids risks and the importance of protection even more for online dating.

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