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Shot on iPhone: Colors

TBWA\MEDIA ARTS LAB, Los Angeles / APPLE / 2017

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Guided by color’s influence on physical spaces and human emotion, The Shot on iPhone Colors campaign strategically placed striking and vibrant images in urban districts across the globe – dramatically transforming thousands of spaces with intense splashes of color. Apple devoted all of it global OOH media to the effort, where deep tones of red, orange, yellow, blue, purple and green were hand-selected for each location around the world. Every photo is a striking expression of color that can stand on its own, but when grouped together they provide a breathtaking spectrum, inviting viewers to stop and consider the beauty inherent in the world around them. Many of the stunning images were shot by photographers from the local community where the images were displayed enhancing the resonance of the photos.


Shot On iPhone is a vast campaign that runs in 22 different languages across thousands of boards in endless combinations of scales, and aspect ratios. The design challenge is to create a simple and coherent experience that reinforces the beauty of the amazing photos. Just a few elements create a very simple but powerful brand , a white frame, a headline and the photographer’s name.  The design process extended to the curation of each of the 400 OOH boards. Every photo was hand picked and assigned based on the specifics of each board.


Shot on iPhone: Colors took the initial idea of turning the world into an iPhone gallery to new heights by vividly painting more than 10,000 sites worldwide. The campaign was designed to grab the attention of viewers with splashes of color using carefully curated images that used brilliant, vivid colors showing the capabilities of the iPhone. After hand-selecting each large format billboard location to ensure a pop of color stood out, the campaign successfully grabbed the intention of press and consumers generating a conversation about the new color-infused locations. Ultimately the campaign brought value to the brand and consumers by showing the capabilities of the iPhone in a new light. We achieved 3.2 billion impressions worldwide across large format and street level outdoor, and print.

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