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Skip-Ad Distraction

DHÉLET Y&R, Buenos Aires / MOVISTAR / 2018

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We used the skip-ad button of the pre-rolls in a creative way:

In the pre-roll, we see on a driver`s subjective point of view, a car on the road.

At the moment that the skip-ad button is activated, we will take advantage of the fact that the user who sees the pre-roll, will be also distracted by looking at the skip-ad button, and then, the car will crash.

The user will realize that the driver also distracted himself for a second with his cell phone, and that was the cause of the accident.

The campaign ends with the awareness message: “Please don´t use your phone and drive”


We took advantage of the skip-ad button to make a creative pre-roll.

When people wanted to skip our ad, they realised that a small distraction is enough to have a car accident. And the same happens in real life.

So Movistar used that to raise awareness with a social responsibility message: “Please don´t use your phone and drive”.

We placed it in the most seen videos by the target that has more accidents to impact them.


Even though we couldn´t reduce to 0 the traffic accidents, the most important result was that Movistar raised awareness in Argentinians’ perception of using the phone while driving.

Apart from that, after the campaign, we constructed a good brand image, humanizing the brand and changing the people’s behavior of the brand.

For the first time in Argentina, Movistar did not want you to use your cell phone.

And that changed the consumer awareness about using the phone while driving.

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