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AgênciaClick wanted to seize the opportunity to turn its 15th anniversary into a statement that its innovation and creativity culture was stronger than ever, and that the agency was once again ready and willing to sustain its leading role in the Brazilian internet market. In addition to launching a book about our history, we also created an on-line social network where clients, partners, current and former employees were invited to tell the story of their own involvement with our company, meet former co-workers, post pictures and help to write the next so many years. The launch of the "ClickAqui" (Click Here) book and social network happened at the same time that AgênciaClick became the first major Brazilian agency to set up a social media team, way before the term appeared on the radar screen of most national agencies - and of quite a few clients. We then moved all the contents of our original website into the ClickAqui social network, and it became AgênciaClick's official web destination. It's still running today, and it's a living community environment where the agency, its employees and its clients meet, discuss and share – and where some fresh creative talents are discovered.


AgênciaClick's new website was created using the Ning social network platform. At the entrance of the anniversary and book-signing party, the event hostesses would welcome the guests and set up their accounts, thus establishing an initial population for the community. The guests could then pose for their profile picture holding the book's hard copy. The news about it began to spread on advertising blogs and portals. Young professionals looking for a chance to show their talent became a second (and continuous) wave of community population. A community blog featuring posts from the agency itself and its employees is a source of news on our latest campaigns and initiatives. The website is also the social environment where people participate in events such as TalentoClick, an annual talent-hunting award that takes place inside our forums and galleries.


ClickAqui was the first website of a Brazilian advertising agency built around a social networking structure. It became a destination for digital advertising news and talks among interactive advertising professionals and enthusiasts in Brazil. As of the day of this submission, AgênciaClick's official website site is a vivid community with more than 3,000 members, and an average of 20 new submissions a day. Its 42 discussion groups are open spaces where students, professionals and opinion makers share and debate ideas on the latest market trends. The site is also a place where the Clickers keep blogs, photo albums, video galleries and friend networks.

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