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HAYGARTH, London / SONY / 2015

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Talk is cheap, but experience? Priceless. Sony’s new smartphones are loaded with advanced features, including a waterproof design, two-day battery life and best low-light photography, and one-way communications were guaranteed to be a total disconnect.

To immerse people in the world of Sony and put products in their hands, we designed the Passion Points Tour, an engaging, physical-meets-digital promotion for shopping centres. At the installation’s heart was a fully automated tread-wheel and interactive video that brought cutting-edge features of Sony’s devices to life for each participant.

We disrupted consumers in these high-traffic shopping areas and gave them the opportunity not only to demo a Sony—but also a promotional enticement to purchase one on the spot: a gift-with-purchase. Retailers were also incentivised to sell Sony products.


Our physical-meets-digital experience immersed shoppers in Sony’s world. At the installation’s heart was an automated tread-wheel and interactive video that brought device features to life for each individual.

State-of-the-art technology included:

• Biometric handles

• A peripheral sensory experience

• Arduino micro controllers

• Motion-tracked video enabling 3D graphics

Consumers walked on the wheel which powered the Sony adventure: the quicker they moved, the deeper they delved into the custom-shot video to experience sounds and 3D graphics. Six scenarios showed how Sony could enhance everyday experiences such as cancelling noise during one’s commute and capturing video while on a waterslide.


We created a truly interactive experience that produced amazing results and smashed sales targets. Consumers saw first-hand what they were missing in a device, and were challenged to put their own smartphones to the test against Sony.

Audience reached: more than 11 million people

Demos performed: 90,000

Sales of Sony devices attributed to this activity: 18,000 units

Value of sales: £9,000,000

In follow-up research conducted by Value Engineers, 20% of participants said they would purchase a Sony directly because of the experience and another 50% said the demo made them “want to find out more about the brand.”

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