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Spotify Wrapped For Advertisers

HUGE, New York / SPOTIFY / 2021


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Spotify is on a mission to educate and inspire brands looking to advertise on their platforms—finding new ways to help brands shape engaging audio campaigns. In a year characterized by new listening trends, Huge partnered with Spotify to take the end of year Wrapped experience to this new advertising audience. Wrapped for Advertisers, a data-rich experience, helps marketers, brands and creatives unpack the trends of Spotify listeners in 2020 through data visualizations—exploring new ways to reach their audiences.

Our brief was to help marketers, brands, and creatives looking to advertise with Spotify understand the audio listening trends that shaped 2020, and provide insights that educate and inspire new ways to reach their audiences as they start planning for the year ahead.

The project took place over a rapid timeframe of ten weeks—from conception to launch. And was translated and contextualized to provide these insights across 11 international markets.


A web experience where marketers can explore 14 key audiences segments—from foodies and tastemakers to gamers and new parents discovering insights to help them shape their campaigns, what they are listening to, and what they care about.


Music is a powerful indicator of our mood – and with the events happening in the world this past year, mood is on everyone’s minds. Spotify has the capability to identify and analyze this type of data (and other unique listening attributes) and provide it to advertisers, helping better understand their audience’s mindset, and thereby cater their advertising efforts accordingly.


Through the dynamic and visual experience, the Spotify Advertising audience can dive into user trends across a range of audience categories to understand content consumption and device usage habits spanning from foodies to fitness enthusiasts. Audience members can use this as a key input in their brand marketing campaigns and in leveraging ad products available on the Spotify platform.

The site was optimized for desktop and mobile, and put emphasis on slick motion, strong typographic hierarchy and energetic color pallets to illustrate unique brand personality and guide users through the experience.


Key results

+740k Unique Visitors.

>2:15 avg time spent per user.

+3,500 best practices downloaded.

+107 million earned impressions.

Spotify’s First 2020 Wrapped for Advertisers Offers Up Listening Insights from Adweek.

Spotify debuts Wrapped dedicated to advertisers on Mobile Marketing.

“Wrapped for Advertisers goes beyond “sharing interesting titbits” about how different demographics streamed on Spotify.” from B&T Magazine

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