Cannes Lions

Stop At Nothing

750MPH, London / NIKE / 2019

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The film communicates the importance of sport in everyday life as a key element for physical and mental growth, at a time in history time where teenagers abandon physical activity too early.

According to a study conducted by the SIP, 40% of 13-14 year Italian teenagers do not practice any sport activity. Often caused by the disillusionment produced by the results, the message is to not give up when things get tough and that determination can be synonymous with personal success.


The goal was to make powerful and punchy sound design to accompany the film; giving a sense of scale and energy that empowered the featured female athletes whilst appealing to the Italian youth. 750 was brought onto the project at the start, helping to build a sound design proof of concept to sell the idea to the client - to build a rhythm track out of sound effects. Once the ad was shot, our challenge was to create sound design to drive along and enhance the narrative to create intensity, power and strength. Editing the original version of the music was important to figuring out how the music would work so it could be remixed. All the sounds were bespoke and made from scratch, layering and manipulating to create the world that you hear.

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