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Supercolor Live

CARAT, London / ADIDAS / 2016

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We identified two audiences: the Streetwear Hound (SH) and Communications Target (CT).

CTs are roughly 16-22 and in school. CTs tend to comment, share or simply consume content. They are our most valuable commercial target.

SHs are 22-30 and working in creative fields. SHs are more likely to be creators of content – they curate their social profiles. They are our most valuable brand target.

Our SH audience curate the best bits of their lives to tell vivid stories, particularly through Instagram. The more unique and exclusive the image, the higher the social currency.

We knew if we could show what the brand stands for to the SHs, they would show the product to the CTs and beyond through their great personal reach. We’d let their influence impact the masses for us.

We identified key areas where our consumer lives, works and plays. For the UK ground zero was Hackney.


The event was a celebration of light, colour and sound. A purposefully dark and atmospheric setting allowed 50 shades of Supercolor to pop. Everything centred around an incredible floating stage.

In the middle of a dark, misty reservoir we had live music performances featuring bespoke tracks alongside a stunning light and smoke show. Working with lead retailer ASOS and style blog Complex we created interactive experiences allowing the audience to choose their favourite product colour and create unique images shared directly to social.

With Twitter we created an interactive lighting element allowing consumers to shift the colour of the stage lighting with a hashtag and tweet. Online, we were first UK brand to launch a paid campaign with Instagram, working with influential Instagrammers to photograph Supercolor in colour-matched locations around London. These were used in the build up to the launch event with prints featured gallery-style in the space.


Supercolor was one of the most successful launches the brand has ever had in the UK with the product selling out in a matter of days. London was the best performing city in Europe from a sell-out perspective.

On the day of the event alone (2 April 2015) there were more than 144,000 likes on Instagram.

In a matter of hours 25% of the adidas e-com stock was sold out as was 44% of all London store stock. Within 10 days, the sell-out was total: both adidas and all third-party retailers had nothing left.

Key retailers saw 112% YOY in the category. And adidas saw an increase in brand advocacy and awareness throughout the quarter that followed.

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