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#SweatMore - Gatorade Live Panel Activation

MINDSHARE, Gurgaon / PEPSICO / 2018

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Identifying, reaching active sportsperson, driving relevance through functional benefits and aspirational appeal

Active Sports Enthusiasts – please who are into playing sports and not just watching on TV/Mobile.

This definition was very important as the product is functional in nature and benefits active sports person rather than a couch sports watcher.

Gatorade which is a global leader in sports drink category, wanted to reach its core audience – active & competitive athletes to communicate its product benefits.

Because of limited resources reaching core audiences was paramount – so the task at hand was to identify Active Sports Enthusiasts and reach out to them


We opted to run a sequential communication approach:

The 5Mln audience was exposed a 30 sec video commercial at a frequency of 2 to build reach

Completers of the 30 sec video where then exposed to a 15 sec edit of the same video to add to frequency of exposure over the next 4 weeks.

Finally, completers of the 15sec video were further exposed with a 5 sec edit to boost top of mind recall and further the frequency distribution.

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