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Swisscom "The most hated vending Machine"

HEIMAT, Berlin / SWISSCOM / 2018

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Switzerland’s No.1 telco provider Swisscom offers the best mobile network coverage in the country.

They wanted to prove this promise in a convincing and entertaining way. So we placed a vending machine next to a popular hiking trail in the Alps. Everyone who was able to enter a code on a mobile website got free drinks.

But the vending machine was located at a place where only Swisscom had coverage.

The Swisscom customers loved it – the customers of all other providers obviously didn’t like it so much.

So it became Switzerland’s most hated vending machine but at the same time the best way to prove the best net.


The technical implementation was meant to be innovative and at the same time very easy to use. We’ve incorporated the feature that the vending machine has always created new codes to make sure that you really need to be there at this particular spot when you enter a code to get a drink. But first and foremost, it wasn’t about technology but about finding an entertaining and convincing way to prove just how excellent Swisscom’s mobile network coverage is.

The campaign took place in summer 2017 during the main hiking season. On several weekends hikers were surprised by the vending machine in the middle of nature where they would never expect something like this.

The online film was released on august 22, 2017. The target audience were not only hikers but all Swiss people who want to have good mobile network coverage especially in situations when it really matters.


Since the campaign has spread rapidly on social media, every third Swiss saw it online.

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