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LENOVO, Petaling Jaya / LENOVO / 2021

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Our idea came about during the pitch process where our client indicated they wanted a human factor approach in selling the brand and wanted the video to revolve around human rela-tions and the personalized human touch. Hence, we decided to use the story of a mother and son to bring about the human aspect of the procurement procedure.

Lenovo Malaysia wanted to increase brand aware and demand of Lenovo e-commerce store by communicating the functionality of Lenovo e-commerce store in an emotional way this festive season. The storyline needs to be emotional and able to invoke a human connection to the consumer.

Together faced with year to year decline in brand search activity, coupled with heavy competition for unbranded category search terms, Lenovo Malaysia needed to look beyond Google search engine to find new and efficient sources of sales and revenue.


The story revolves around how the son, a typical busy executive running a rat race, neglecting the mum and even using harsh words to his mum.

Yet, despite all these, kinship and family prevails through and the climatic scene is when the son returns home for Chinese New year reunion dinner and mum and son shares a hug.

The build up to the final climax scene allows us to create a impact to the audience and resonate among those who are away from their loved ones.


We want to target the B2C segment of the market. In addition, our key target audience are mainly Singapore professional, executive, manager and businessman. In addition, we also hope to target the demographic of the elder generation end user who may not be as savvy as the younger generation. We also want to highlight the unique strength of Lenovo CRM experience where queries can be answered in real time by customer care specialists and customised specification to meet each individual client requirements and needs.

We came up with a content strategy that will allow us to stimulate interest from our target audience and at the same time, support the overall strategic marketing approach for Lenovo. This will allow us to impact and resonate with our target audience so as to create a connection.


The campaign started in fourth quarter of 2019. The key objective is to promote online purchase. Rather than focusing on price war, we choose to focus on Customer Relation management (CRM) which is manned by Lenovo customer care specialists who can direct-ly answer customer enquiries instead of through a chat bot


We sold 1804 units, 50% more from the sales target set and we achieved 1.7mill USD in sales in Malaysia.

We sold 1111 units, 47% more from the sales target set and we achieved 1.12 mill USD insales in Singapore

In addition, we also hit an all-time high call volume of 1860 in Malaysia and 2480 in Singapore.

All in all,

1. We gathered 2.2 million views & reached 2.2 million people.

2. The video was shared 1.8k times & had been commented 600 times. The FB likes reached an impressive 10,000

3. We noted a spike on Google Trends after the video rollout: MY - “Lenovo” keywords trend went up by 290% without marketing support

4. During the Joey Yap Seminars, we managed to reach 24,000 SME individuals in Malaysia & 8,000 SME individuals for SG.

5. the cost of acquisition per view stands at $0.027

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