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THINKMODO, New York / SONY / 2014


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This video first appeared in the United States. The noise level of branded entertainment in the US is very high and most branded marketing initiatives are overly branded. Many branded online videos introduce a brand's logo very early on in the video, and a brand has an overall strong presence throughout the entire video. That negatively affects the viewing experience because the brand messaging and presence is too pushy.


The execution of the idea was an elaborate hidden camera event inside a popular New York City coffee shop. The final video was cut together into a dynamic montage featuring customers' reactions and repeated stunt elements. The video starts with a quick montage of the elaborate setup which serves as a "hook" for the audience. The main body of the video is structured into three acts to keep the viewing experience fresh:

- wall stunt

- moving tables & chairs

- scream climax

The video was strategically posted on YouTube two weeks before the movie's theatrical release.


As a result, the video received over 55 million organic YouTube views and generated free media coverage with a total US TV viewership of 65 million (stats by TV Eyes). The video continued to spread globally, generating free press and media coverage for CARRIE in countries where the movie was scheduled to be released later. The video became the #8 most shared ad of 2013 and #20 most shared ad of all time. At the time of Carrie’s release, the stunt had generated 42.6 million views, accounting for 61% of the True Reach of the movie (stats by Visible Measures).

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