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It's only been 10 years since Burger King returned to France. A relatively young history with the French, especially in comparison with McDonald's, with which they have grown up for over 60 years.

And yet, in just 10years, Burger King has begun to seriously overshadow its rival, particularly in the family/children segment, where Burger King has made considerable progress over the past 3 years (awareness among families has gone from -11 to -2 points vs. McDonald's, +15pts in target penetration). Burger King is determined to capitalize on this shift by marking the occasion with a seminal brand film about the family. A film with a clear ambition: that the childhood memories we create today with our parents, and which we'll remember in 40 years, happened at Burger King. And precise business objectives: to reinforce awareness of Burger King's children's menu, the King Junior menu, and its price maintained at €4.


This film tells the moving story of a little granny in a retirement home who is lucky enough to receive frequent visits from her children with whom she shares extremely happy moments.

Moments of happiness that are the envy of all the other jealous occupants of the retirement home who are not so lucky.

Moments of happiness, the reason for which becomes clear at the very end of the spot: if these children are so often there and so attentive to their mother, it's because she used to treat them in turn when they were younger, by taking them to Burger King to eat a King Junior children's menu. So a word of advice: be generous with your kids now, they'll end up giving it back to you one day. Plus, it will only cost you 4€...


It’s still too early to have any results at this stage.

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