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Samsung launched its Galaxy A6 smartphone and wanted to generate buzz around this new product. This phone is aimed at Generation Z, as the camera is equipped with special features highly appreciated by this target, such as a live focus mode, exclusive stickers, a floating button which allows people to take selfies from the best angles and a palm gesture recognition for pictures to be taken from a distance. The goal was to generate awareness and interest in this group.


Samsung understood that if this phone is aimed at this generation, the whole campaign should target them too.

We then decided to discover the values, thoughts and desires of this generation, and quickly realized that Generation Z is outstanding: conscious, socially awaken, sensitive to causes and to those around them. They have opinions, thoughts, dreams and stories to tell.

The content which would be created for this campaign had to amplify their values somehow. More than videos of social experiments on YouTube or a few hundred retweets, we wished to uncover the real faces of this community; to demystify the “lost", futile, disconnected from the real world, and only linked in the digital world generation, and to show the world who they really are; to promote the values shared by this community, Samsung and the Galaxy A6 itself; to create the #A6Generation.


There were three main aspects to this campaign: a partnership with a well-known influencer (which guaranteed great levels of reach), three portrait photographers which would create content, and the promotion of the #A6Generation movement.

Sea3p0 is one of the most influential YouTubers in Portugal, with more than 800 thousand followers on this platform, and over 300 thousand followers on Instagram.

The photographers chosen were Pedro Rangel, Luís Pires and Gonçalo Nabais.


Sea3p0 challenged her community of followers, which are part of Generation Z, to create content by using a Galaxy A6. They were to take a picture of themselves, and on the caption explain how they best represent this generation. The 3 winners of the challenge received a Galaxy A6, and got to record a video with their idol, Sea3p0 herself!

At the same time, we challenged the photographers to meet people within the Generation Z, to photograph them using Galaxy A6s, and to share their faces and stories on Instagram. The Live Focus feature of the smartphone blurs the surroundings, portraying what really matters in this moment: the people who are part of this moment, this generation.

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