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Tom Clancy’s The Division is a cooperative game taking place after a pandemic outbreak in New York, an event which led to the collapse of society.

The Fall of Canada is the world's first cooperative video game trailer, 100% made with fans.


• Implementation

Fans shaped the story on social media

Thousands of answers had direct impact on the storyline

Artists illustrated every scene of the story

Hundreds of art pieces were used as the raw material for the animated film

The result: A 100% user-generated piece of branded content.

6 minutes of storytelling, giving depth to the game universe.

• Timeline

Two months: One month to shape the story, and one month to gather the art pieces and animate them.

• Placement

We used Twitter/Facebook to shape the story with our fans, after that we reached out to artists on Deviant Art and Art Station to drive them to our collaborative platform.

The final video was released on Ubisoft Canada’s Facebook page, for the fans, and then on YouTube.

• Scale

The campaign was deployed in Canada and focused on 5 principal markets: Montreal, toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Halifax.


• Reach

Reach of the user genereted trailer: 7M impressions

Overall reach of the campaign: over 15M impressions and over 15,000 engaged gamers

• Engagement

On Ubi social network:

3,963 answers to shape the story (vs. a 600 objective)

8,139 shares (vs. a 2,000 objective)

On the collaborative platform:

225 submitted art pieces (vs. our objective of 100)

• Impact

The final video was seen by 1 500,000 Canadians, bringing a very positive community sentiment and a real sense of pride in having been part of it.

The game launch set a new record in Ubisoft Canada’s history. Selling faster than any other new franchise ever.

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