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The Sermon

HENRY, Paris / UBISOFT / 2018


1 Shortlisted Cannes Lions






There is a fine line between fascination and fear.

A line that the villain in Far Cry 5, Joseph Seed, crosses with both feet forward.

Since his self-proclamation as phrophet of the cult Eden’s Gate, Joseph has controlled the town of Hope County with one sole obsession: to capture all of its souls.

It’s precisely one of these souls in question in The Sermon and 2.22 minutes is enough to understand that they don’t want to disappoint their new owner.

Directed by Martin de Thurah, The Sermon is a brutal, as much as it is a beautiful immersion into a small provincial American town that is far out of its depth.

The cinematographic treatise gives the villain an extraordinary dimension that has contributed to the success of this lawlessness year after year.


In the film, Joseph Seed is played by Greg Bryk. Bryk also plays Joseph in the game, so was already very invested in the character. The director said about Bryk "I loved working with a person who was so immersed in his role. He really appreciated that I tried to push it further." To keep continuity in the casting process Martin De Thurah used Bryk throughout his series of adverts for Far Cry 5, the Sermon being the second part of his two-part series.

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