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The Feast of the Wolf

GREY NEW YORK, New York / GOOGLE / 2018

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The creative idea was simple, we flipped the script on Little Red Riding Hood. In the old version, the wolf deceives Little Red before she becomes his prey. In our modern telling, Little Red feasts upon the wolf in a powerful homage to a new era of women who refuse to victimized.

The way we executed the :06 spots is where things got interested. We took three famous lines from the old story, repurposing them to reflect the new narrative of women today. In, “See you with”, we allude to the Silence Breakers as women begin to identify their harassers. In, “Grab you with”, women taking their power back. In, “Eat you with”, the reckoning of a movement as men must take responsibility for their actions, and women emerge as the heroine of their own story. Turning what was once a cautionary tale into a story of female ferocity.


Using YouTube’s :06 platform, we created three :06 films that retold the story of Little Red Riding Hood. The Feast of the Wolf premiered at one of the most iconic festivals for storytelling: Sundance Film Festival. After captivating the industry at Sundance, The Feast was featured as the main attraction at the YouTube house at SXSW. Attendees were invited to experience The Feast for themselves with an interactive installation that brought :06 to life. The spots were then chosen to be played at Cannes Festival for Creativity. They are currently live on YouTube Advertisers, where people across the globe are experiencing the power of :06.


13 creatives agencies across the world were tasked with retelling a classic fairytale in :06 seconds in YouTube’s, “The Greatest Stories Ever Told”. With 13 agencies retelling 13 tales, Little Red Riding Hood took center stage. It became the focal point of discussion at Sundance, leading to being featured as the main installation at the YouTube House at SXSW with its own interactive installation. The activation created huge buzz amongst the industry, hosting4K+ visitors to the space over Saturday & Sunday. With just :06 to leave an impression, we generated 75Mimpressions (44% positive, 57% neutral, 0% negative sentiment) across all social. 660K+impressions & 3.7K+engagements (Clicks, Shares, RTs, Likes) on Twitter & LinkedIn for @YTAdvertisers. Proving that even if the format is small. The impact can be large.

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