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FORTUM, Stockholm / FORTUM / 2019

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We wanted to create awareness and liking for Fortum who is a power company in a new and digital target group that take electricity for granted. On top of that, energy suppliers are usually of low interest for all consumers as it's boring to choose and to learn about. We chose to use "power to play" as pay off as it does give the power the play and the phrase "powered by" has been used way too many times.

Our goal was to make the audience and the viewers aware that electricity is one of the foundations in esports and when they think of an energy supplier in the future, they will remember these activities and like Fortum the most, and then, of course, choose them as their supplier.


What's often hard when doing activations with brands that is not a common gaming brand is to make it relevant and not cringe, as this target group calls it. We knew we would be able to communicate on the event, through the broadcast and social media. We wanted to make a huge impact from start and also engage with the audience in a way that gaming brands usually doesn't throughout the event through commercials and activities in their booth. Our main goal was to create everything with this target group in mind and only go for what we thought they would really like.


On the first day of the finals inside the arena that was full of positive fans that were about to see a huge game where the Swedish home team NIP was about to play. To make as much impact as possible we faked an electricity outage during the countdown, had an "electrician" connecting Fortum's "Super-Socket" from the commercial to power up the opening ceremony again.

On top of this, we created a commercial and product called "Super-Socket" that gave you superpowers in the game when connected to your electrical outlet. It was shown between matches in the broadcast on Twitch and inside the arena. We also created a surf map in Counter-Strike, designed like a hydropower plant with the brand's logos, obstacles with the brands logo that gave them power The visitors could play it in the expo and viewers at home download it.



- 11,000 visitors in the arena.

- 8 million unique viewers on Twitch that has seen the commercial and sponsorship of the tournament.


- 26,000 downloads of the surf map with 4/5 in rating overall.

- over 700 likes on Fortum's Instagram post where they showed the surf map and lots of positive comments which is extremely uncommon for an electricity company.

- computers in booth always busy by people who wanted to try the surf map and reach the daily 3 top times to win jerseys.


- 44% of the visitors were more positive to Fortum after the event and 0% negative which are great numbers for a sports event and especially with a brand not connected to gaming.

- Strongest/best sponsor impression on the visitors when asked which of the partners who made the strongest out of 9 brands.

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