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The Frame Gallery

CHEIL, Seoul / SAMSUNG / 2018

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To show how The Frame TV can change a living space into an art gallery with Art mode, we designed a space allowing people to intimately experience Art mode at IFA 2017.

The Frame TV is designed to show over 800 pieces from the Samsung art store and Samsung Collection when the TV is not in use. Because it shows pictures according to ambient light levels, each picture looks like a real piece of art on paper. In this way, the TV changes space from an ordinary room into an art gallery. Samsung calls this amazing feature Art mode.


With 3D projection mapping and 19 The Frame TVs, we took 3 world famous museums to IFA, turning the space into a virtual gallery with works from Prado Museum, Saatchi Gallery, and Lumas.

To make people feel as if they were at an actual gallery, we used projection mapping on the floor (7m x 15m) and the 3 walls surrounding them. Transition effects made the virtual gallery feel more immersive as works changed from one gallery to the next. 19 TVs displayed art pieces from the galleries to show how real the pictures appeared on The Frame TV.


The Frame Gallery allowed people to experience how The Frame TV improves lifestyle aesthetically, and it was one of the most visited places at IFA 2017.

People appreciated world famous art on each TV as works from the 3 galleries constantly changed. The ensemble of 19 TVs in this virtual gallery was a great success that effectively demonstrated the lifestyle benefits of Art mode.

The exhibition was recorded and made into a viral film, with the video also being used for retail, and the public response was tremendous, seeing 52,200 responses from the press and 22,300 responses over social media.

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