The Frequency of Love

MSLGROUP, Milan / HUAWEI / 2019

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“The Frequency of Love” is the first chapter of Humanly Possible, an exciting brand narration in which the dreams and needs of people are at the center and the technology is the enabler. This project represents a fundamental step in the construction of a warmer relationship between Huawei and its consumers. Artificial Intelligence is a positioning feature for Huawei, consistent with the brand’s mission. It is a strong PoD owned by the Company and at the same time a trending topic with growing interest and volumes of conversation. Leveraging on this asset we have a creative idea to promote the Mate 20 Pro AI phone and make people aware that Artificial Intelligence is empowering humans, allowing them to do things we never thought could be possible. To make AI warmer, our creative idea leveraged on a symbol of wisdom that touch everybody’s heart: whales, the larger animals on Earth.


Thanks to AI, Huawei transformed the singing of the whales into music, unveiling how whales express their love.

We worked with a cetacean bio-acoustic and an Italian software house to develop an application based on Huawei Mate 20 Pro AI, able to recognize the sounds of humpbacks and transform them into music. This app is original and exclusive. We tested the application with humpbacks to demonstrate its reliability: we went to Azores Islands, with WWF Italy, and we shoot a video that shows the meeting between human and animals, made possible by the app.

“The Frequency of Love” video symbolizes the heart of the campaign, which reached every level of media, influencers and end users. The campaign is a unique experimental project that goes where no one has ever dared: for the first time we create a connection between man, technology and nature, through the universal language of music.


Technology is the enabler which leads people to overcome limits and borders, going beyond what is humanly possible to evolve human potential and knowledge.

To sustain the launch of Mate 20 Pro, MSL created a PR story able to engage people as much as possible to think about the human side of technology. Together with the AI, the protagonist of our PR story is the humpback whale, animal famous for its singing, which travel for great distances through the world’s oceans. Male whales use their voice to attract their mate “singing” love songs.

Thanks to AI, Huawei transformed these into familiar melodies to human ears. These why our claim of the campaign was “Every love story deserves to be told” and now, thanks to AI and Mate 20 Pro it is possible.

The target was prospect clients of Mate 20 Pro (M & F, + 30, high socio-demographic profile).


We created a video hero content to tell our PR story in an emotional way, putting technology at the center together with human feelings.

We built a 360° campaign using all the possible touchpoints to amplify our story: guerrilla activation, influencers engagement, media relations, event, digital activations, retail, adv.

• 13 November – unbranded guerrilla in Metro Station in Milan involving KOL, influencers and consumers to generate buzz around the launch. The station was transformed into a sea, where gigantic humpbacks swam and a giant humpback tail has been reproduced in 3D

• 14 November –big launch event involving media, KOL presenting the whole campaign, showing for the first time the hero video with an orchestra playing melodies generated by the AI

• 15 November – wide launch to national media and activation of all the other touchpoints (website, social media, retail, influencers, adv) to cover the target around Italy


Tier 1: Media Outputs - coverage depth (quality/quantity), tone and message delivery, purchase intent (survey)

The event involved: 250 clients, 55 media, 15K end-users, 6.3K views live streaming of the event on Facebook.

Overall coverage: 9.1M total reach, 11 TVs, 4 interviews, 163 articles.

Tier 2: Target Audience Outcomes - measurable changes in awareness, comprehension, perceptions/attitudes/ opinions, and target behaviors/actions/responses achieved

The campaign had positive impact on consumers with a lift in all main brand perception KPIs: 64% of people feel much more positive about Huawei after having seen the campaign, while approximately 30% considers the brand more closer to his/her value after the campaign.

Tier 3: Business Outcomes – campaign's measurable effect on sales/revenues/profits, market share, stock valuation, brand equity, reputation scores and other traditional marketing and business metrics

75% of people interviews admit to have talked about the campaign to other people, while 77% are now likely to consider buying a Huawei smartphone.

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