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The Garbage Boulevard

LEO BURNETT, Santo Domingo / ABINBEV / 2020

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In 2018, the Dominican Republic suffered an environmental emergency and became world news (BBC, New York Times, social media’s influencer Kim Kardashian posted a story) when tons of garbage covered the Caribbean Sea.

This issue aroused social concern, making evident the lack of programs or platforms that could provide an efficient solution. One of the materials that represents the greatest environmental damage is plastic.

Today, the DR produces 580 million pounds annually, only 8% is collected and we are part of the problem.


Raise awareness about the impact on the environment when we are not responsible for the plastic we use everyday.

Objectives (KPI)

Raise awareness among Dominicans about caring for the environment and recycling plastic.

Involve Dominicans in our program, volunteering and elevating recycling volume.

Increase levels of admiration and reputation of CND (2018 VS 2019).

Show the plans tied to our 100+ Sustainability goals for 2025.


Demonstrate our commitment to recycle 100% of the plastic we generate, making visible the impact that the 0.1% we produce has.

To carry out our social experiment, we strategically selected a high-impact public place, the Mirador Sur Park, the most important lung of Santo Domingo in Dominican Republic.


Demonstrate our commitment to recycle 100% of the plastic we generate, making visible the impact that the 0.1% we produce has.

The garbage is thrown into the trash every day.

We pay taxes for a garbage truck to pick it up and take it to a landfill.

But after that, we don't know anything else about it.

We also read in the news that many areas of the city are flooded because the sewers are clogged with garbage.

The truth is, we don't think about garbage until it bothers us.

Target audience

Women and Men (Age Range: +18 - t65)

Dominicans and Stakeholders


We felt that it was necessary to awaken the conscience of an entire country, not just an audience. And what better way to do it than in the place where the Dominicans and stalkerholders circulated every day and found it clean.


Thursday January 16th 2020

During the early morning of Friday 1/16/2020 we took 4 cargo trucks and placed 254,000 of our plastic bottles on a lane. Athletes and visitors began to arrive at the place, capturing what happened with their smartphones and sharing the content on social networks.

Throughout the morning radio and tv news stations started reporting the issue happening in the park and discussing past moments like these in the environment. By 9:00 AM, "Parque Mirador Sur" became #1 Trending Topic on twitter.

At 12:00 PM, we uploaded an video recap in our RRSS, admitting to being the authors, explaining the objective of the action and the commitment we have with our program Recicla 100+.

Placement / Scale

We located 1 KM of the most important boulevard of Santo Domingo, located in Mirador Sur Park, considered the Central Park of the Dominican Republic.


The Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources congratulates Cervecería Nacional Dominicana and Recicla100 + for carrying out the social experiment in a public letter to Dominicans.

Other companies and brands joined the cause (Cap Cana, aEco -Red, Electrolit, AIRD, Aerodom, Banreservas).

• Response rate:

+5 HRS Trending Topic on Twitter

94% POSITIVE SENTIMENT on Social Media


$ 250K Earned media

+4,000,000 Impressions

We registered more than 5,000 people in our database in just 2 days.

• Change in behaviour / Consumer awareness

Dominicans became aware of the plastic problem in our country,

People started joining the program, helping us collect 234% increase in collection volume.

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