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The Journey

BLACKSMITH, New York / ZILLOW / 2021

Demo Film






The film opens with a girl named Iris and her two larger-than-life imaginary friends. They pack all their belongings into a small boat and reluctantly sail away from home.

None of them want to move.

Heartbroken, they watch their old house disappear into the distant fog as they sail into the unknown.

Their move is a fantastical journey, through violent storms, mysterious canyons, and eerie woodlands where the trees have eyes. They climb an endless staircase and finally arrive at a mountain cave. As night falls, they hesitantly move inside.

In the morning Iris is awoken by a kid’s voice outside. As she looks out, her world snaps to reality. It’s a new neighbor, waving from the sidewalk below. Iris waves from the window, smiles at mom and leaves her companions behind - now revealed to be toys - as she runs from the house to meet a new friend.

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