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McCANN OSLO, Oslo / CITROEN / 2018

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The idea was to shoot a music video using the car itself as a camera for the entire production. In addition to the music video, we wanted to make a more spec-heavy behind-the-scenes video, showing off the car and its features.

By collaborating with the right band on the come-up, all parties were able help each other. The band got a wider audience, a free music video, air-time on TV, and a bigger PR-team pushing it. The brand got to show off their new car model in a new and interesting way, borrow credibility from the band, and establish a direct line of communication to the younger, urban population in Norway.


The execution plan followed the tightly defined strategy. We worked systematically with the media agency and the artist management to coordinate all media activities across earned, owned and paid media. The goal was to maximise the potential in each phase of the plan and then rapidly move on to the next.

As we did not know how long each phase would last, we had to have a day to day dialogue on the status of PR spreading internationally, nationally and then on the paid media. Paid media consisted of Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. All the viewing data, including data from the artist YouTube-channel was used to retarget the audience with tactical messaging to create leads and test drives.

The campaign lasted for 4 weeks.


We managed to get over 20 PR-cases in international and national press, with a combined earned reach of over 900 000 people. We created over 6 million impressions on YouTube and Facebook, and over 1,5 million video views.

After the campaign, the public awareness of the Citroën C3 rose to 50%, with an increase of 25%, and the Norwegian Citroën-website had a 63% increase in leads.

The amount of people with a positive perception of Citroën had a 27% increase, and post-testing shows that 48% of the people think it stood out from other car advertisements. That’s quite a step up from the 27% average. And, in the same period, Citroën’s market share had a healthy 25% bump.

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