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Detroit has been a bastion of American culture since the early 1900s. World-renowned architecture, a home of amazing artists and arts, and of course, music. Detroit’s music scene has seen the birth of genres and created some of the most legendary artists to grace this earth. Through the highs and lows of Detroit, music has played a central role in its culture. To do our part in supporting the culture of Detroit, our agency has connected our passion for music with some of the everlasting Detroit music institutions: The Fillmore Detroit and St. Andrews Hall, among other select Michigan venues.


The California alternative rock band The Neighbourhood is known for its very minimal design aesthetic and their consistent use of waves as a visual signature. The idea here is to employ these waves while providing a depth that would merge real life and their look. The images of the hand and the heart in the poster are a representation of the rocky nature of love in their lyrics, the women’s hand just out of reach of a heart as it slips into those waves. To get the hand to look real and natural it was modeled in 3D as a transparent material and placed under a lined pattern underneath, allowing it to distort as it showed through. For color, the artist picked up The Neighbourhood’s trademark blue and printed it on white paper.


Size – 18x24

Paper – French Construction Grout Grey

Split Fountain – Pantone 286 C to Pantone 289 C


The results of the partnership don’t come in the form of traditional metrics, but something more emotional. Sure, they may have helped bolster the sale of VIP packages and created jealousy amongst non-VIP fans, but the real result of these posters is a lasting reminder that when the community works together, great things can happen. That is especially the case in Detroit.

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