The no escape game

BETC, Paris / ADDICT AIDE / 2018


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Alcoholic people can’t escape their addiction on their own.

Addict Aide, a digital platform dedicated to addictions, that offers all kinds of tools to help deal with addictions, wanted to reach out to a very specific target, very large yet very invisible : alcoholic women. Most of them are well-educated, with good careers, and families, and are secretly trying to deal with their addiction.

Female alcoholism is such a taboo in our society that they usually don’t feel they can ask for help. And the people close to them don’t know how to recognise the signs of their addiction, and help them deal with this disease.


The objective was to raise awareness about female alcoholism on a large scale, to a wide audience, especially among young people (20-35 y.o). This is why we chose to « high-jack » the principle of the Escape Game, that is « trending » these days in France among the target.


2 possible ways to « play » Laurence’s Secret, for one month :

1/ An IRL escape game hosted at The Escape Lab, a company specialized in escape games. After 40 min of investigation, Laurence herself came to reveal her secret to the gamers, and explain all the signs they had missed or misinterpreted.

2/ A website to visit Laurence’s apartment virtually, and try to guess Laurence’s secret.

On February 12th, Laurence herself revealed her secret through a video that was sent to all players.

Trafic to the Escape Game was mainly driven through The Escape Lab social networks and influencers that lived the experience and decided to promote it to their followers.

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The no escape game

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The no escape game


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