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LEPUB, Milan / HEINEKEN / 2023

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According to research conducted by the ADP Research Institute, workers worldwide work an average of 9.2 hours of unpaid overtime per week. This is a significant issue in Argentina, where 81 percent of people report working too much, particularly compared to pre-pandemic times. Despite the well-known consequences of overworking, many workers continue to sacrifice their personal time and work every night. To promote a healthy work-life balance and emphasize the importance of socializing rather than overworking, Heineken has requested to launch the next campaign for the #workresponsibly platform.


To remind Argentinians working late that it was time to leave the office and enjoy their night out with their friends, Heineken used the only “media” able to reach employees stuck at work at night: the night office cleaners. Thanks to a partnership with the 7 biggest corporate cleaning companies, cleaners in Argentina spread Heineken’s work responsibly message, inviting workers to go to the closest bar to enjoy a free beer with their friends. Scanning the QR codes on Cleaner’s vests and tools, workers got to select their bar and the app generated a special voucher with a very short expiring time, so to push them to immediately leave the office.


With #workresponsibly, Heineken continues to protect social life by challenging the culture of overworking.

Working late at night is particularly prevalent in Argentina, where people start work late and finish even later. 81% of people report working too much vs before the pandemic, missing out on important socializing moments. (Source: Trendsity, August 2022)

And one of the clear signs of staying too late in the office is the moment when you see the cleaning staff.

That is why office cleaners, a usually misrepresented category, became Heineken’s spokespersons.


Heineken partnertnered up with the 7 biggest corporate cleaning companies, covering 83% of the private sector offices. The office cleaners had simple QR codes printed on their vests and their equipment that gave away vouchers for free beers for workers and their friends in bars close to the office.


partnered with the 7 biggest cleaning companies in Argentina, covering 83% of Argentina's private sector offices

more than 7000 QR codes redeemed in the first week

1200 bars joined the initiative

25.5 mil people impacted on all channels

Brand favorability post-exposure Heineken experienced a positive 7% uplift.

Heineken became the beer brand most associated with supporting work-life balance.

It grew by 35% on key indicators: “stands for work-life balance” and by 36% on “bringing people together”

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