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In terms of live events in Singapore, there are generally few restrictions save for the requisite Public Entertainment License that need to be applied for through the Singapore Police Force. If there is liquor being served, the event organizer would need to hold or apply for a Liqour License. Such gatherings should not be political in nature. Music-based performances or events generally have to end by 3am unless the event is located within or near a housing district, which then requires the event to end by 12am.


Heineken Green Room (HGR) is an annual, music event featuring cutting-edge, progressive music acts, often in surprising locations which give it a unique pop-up feel. With a 12-year history, it has become a popular event on the party calendar in Singapore. The publicity for this event was primarily broadcast through our existing membership database for HGR members, and shared on our social media channels like Facebook, instagram and twitter, and through PR. Leading up to the event, local party weeklies publish the date of the event and acts to be featured.


In 2013, Heineken Green Room - The Scenthesizer became one of the most-talked about parties in Singapore and around the world. Working within our annual production budget of S$80,000, we generated more than 84 million impressions*, was featured in more than 200 traditional and digital publications, earning more than S$1.5 million dollars in PR value**.

Crucially, the event not only created a big buzz but had a tangible effect on our brand. We experienced significant shifts for two of our key brand scores compared to data in the same period in the previous year.

‘Heineken is an innovative brand’ grew by 9%.***

‘Heineken is the leading international brand’ grew by 31%.***

These are significant achievements for a one-night, invite-only event – in fact, Heineken Green Room is now seen as a serious brand-building opportunity within parent company Asia Pacific Breweries and will be back with an even bigger bang in 2014.

* Source: Internal PR assessment - (sum of reach of individual publications)

** Source: Internal PR assessment - (approximately S$7500 per publication)

*** Source: TNS MLBT Sep 2013 vs Sep 2012

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