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Situation / brief : As of March 25, 2019, McDonald’s France will make the EggMcMuffin available all day long in its restaurants. The Egg McMuffin is different from other burgers. It is a completely round product. Its English muffin bread makes it fluffy, the egg in the middle gives it a smooth taste, and the melted cheddar makes it even softer. The Egg McMuffin is truly the smoothest of burgers.

Objective : Feel the softness of the Egg McMuffin in a digital experience

Budget : 100K€

Project scale and volume : National communication on and off line on the same “sensorial” smooth benefit


Labelling the EggMcMuffin ‘The Smoothest Burger’ gave us the opportunity to create a new advertising language for our communication plan. One that is more modern, more fresh, and closer to the digital generations; and one that would properly convey this idea of softness. To do so, we drew inspiration from the internet trend that would fit best the product qualities: Satisfying animations.

We produced fifteen of these 3D Egg McMuffin Satisfying videos, and created a website to host them, as well as using them for social media communication.


We deconstructed the product and used its separated ingredients to create fifteen abstract allegoric 3D animations crafted with C4D and rendered in Redshift. Extra care was given to textures and physics, to properly convey the softness, roundness, smooth and silky aspect of the product. The choice of colors, materials, and overall art direction contributed to recreate an appetizing food environment. We chose infinite loops as a format to further enhance the soothing and hypnotizing effect of the animations, and built an experiential website to host them on both desktop and mobile, where design and user interactions is also aimed at constructing a smooth and playful digital universe.


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